Innovations always came with Kuryenet. To be continued...

Reaching every corner of Turkey 460 with a reputable agency that işletmesiyiz mail delivery services.

We are a company that brings many innovations to the distribution sector and is the pioneer in its use in the whole sector today. We became the first Turkish company to develop shipment tracking with barcode. We played a leading role in the spread of applications such as appointment delivery, identification, signature, personalized delivery that increase the service quality of the entire mail sector. We have made a difference with instant shipment tracking and reporting systems.

In 2012, we integrated smart automation technologies to our system and reached 96% automation. With the automation system, we reached 1 million output capacity per day. With the high delivery rates we have achieved, our customers have the potential to rapidly develop their portfolios. We got the Postal Operations Turkey's first private document No. 001 in 2014. We are 100% Turkish capital. Even Turkey's most remote places, "Fast, Accurate and Secure Delivery" our principle is to realize we just set us a special agency system and we have developed our cooperation. The Turkish distribution sector has made great progress in the last 25 years with the pioneering contributions of Kuryenet. Almost the entire sector has adapted to the high standard distribution system pioneered by Kuryenet. Nevertheless, the reason for the increasing demand for Kuryenet; It is the only company that has the potential to realize new revolutions that may occur in the distribution sector with its "Leading Company" feature. Now we will become much stronger in our region and become a Global brand.

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Kuryenet provides postal services to companies.

This process is supported by the following services ;

Internet ; Customized Internet Data Flow and presenting Delivery History of Goods.

Call Center ; Answering calls, organizing appointments for pick up or delivery.

Returns ; Undelivered goods are returned to the customer.

Reporting ; Statistical Reports are prepared and presented to the customers electronicaly.

Archive ; Safe keeping the documents with signatures for 10 years and present to the customers electronicaly upon request.

Collecting Contracts ; Collecting and/or filling the contracts in the field.


Our major additional services  ;

Data Input  //  Customization  //  Matching  //  Folding  //  Stapling  //  Kit Preparing  //  Inserts  //  Envelope  //  Nylon Wrapping  //  Labeling  //  Classification