Delivery Rule

Kuryenet is seperated from others in the sector by the Delivery Rules which is designed and developed by Kuryenet to organize how each delivery will be made.

Below are the codes and the types of deliveries ;

TK 1 : Only delivered to the person or his/her first degree relative.

TK 2 : Goods are delivered to anyone at the address

TK 4 : There are documents to be filled /signed and bring back along with the delivered goods. Everything is done with the receiver person only.

TK 6 : Goods are delivered to the person only

TK 7 : Nothing to be delivered. Only documents to be filled / signed by the person and brought back.

Delivery Details

The Delivery Details filled at the time of delivery with all the delivery information are physically kept for 10 years.

Following are the information to be filled at the time of delivery;

  • Name and Surname of the receiver
  • ID Type (Turkish National ID, Drivers License, Passport)
  • ID Number
  • Signature of the receiver

Delivery is made after these procedures are completed on the Delivery Detail.

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Kuryenet provides postal services to companies.

This process is supported by the following services ;

Internet ; Customized Internet Data Flow and presenting Delivery History of Goods.

Call Center ; Answering calls, organizing appointments for pick up or delivery.

Returns ; Undelivered goods are returned to the customer.

Reporting ; Statistical Reports are prepared and presented to the customers electronicaly.

Archive ; Safe keeping the documents with signatures for 10 years and present to the customers electronicaly upon request.

Collecting Contracts ; Collecting and/or filling the contracts in the field.


Our major additional services  ;

Data Input  //  Customization  //  Matching  //  Folding  //  Stapling  //  Kit Preparing  //  Inserts  //  Envelope  //  Nylon Wrapping  //  Labeling  //  Classification