Security Of Goods

Kuryenet provides secure delivery by the application of fine and detailed company procedures. The whole process between picking up goods until they are accurately delivered are all on records and these records are kept minimum for two years.

All of our agencies and the operation headquarters are tracked by the camera system. Regional delivery of goods are made by unique plastic boxes with special locks. Therefore these boxes prevent the tear, den tor other damages to the goods to be delivered.

Damage Compensation

In spite of all safety precautions, should there be a monetary loss due to damage/stealing/losing, all of the monetary value will be paid by Kuryenet.

Track Your Post

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Fast Access
Call Center
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Kuryenet provides postal services to companies.

This process is supported by the following services ;

Internet ; Customized Internet Data Flow and presenting Delivery History of Goods.

Call Center ; Answering calls, organizing appointments for pick up or delivery.

Returns ; Undelivered goods are returned to the customer.

Reporting ; Statistical Reports are prepared and presented to the customers electronicaly.

Archive ; Safe keeping the documents with signatures for 10 years and present to the customers electronicaly upon request.

Collecting Contracts ; Collecting and/or filling the contracts in the field.


Our major additional services  ;

Data Input  //  Customization  //  Matching  //  Folding  //  Stapling  //  Kit Preparing  //  Inserts  //  Envelope  //  Nylon Wrapping  //  Labeling  //  Classification